Leg No. 4, 2nd face

I finished planing the second face flat and squared to the referenced edge and used my marking gauge to mark the thickness of the leg using the reference face as a guide for the gauge body.  After planing to the marked lines, I then marked that face with a 3 and the last side, the second edge, I marked a 4.  I took the marking gauge and marked on all four sides, the widest part of the leg, using the reference edge for the gauge body.  In the earlier post, “One face planed flat and smooth”, I mentioned the area on the reference face that had two deep marks, kind of like what you would get from vampire.  Strange, yes indeed. Now, I will show the waste side of the leg that will allow me to omit that part since it would not look good as part of the finished desk.


This is the finished reference face. I didn’t want to lose the thickness of the board, so I chose the opposite edge to make my reference edge.

Now if you see the second photo, you will see what I mean.


As you can see, the gouges are on the waste side of the board as shown by the crossed lines.

I marked all the waste areas with diagonal lines to provide visual reference when working.  The next post will show you the method I used to remove most of the waste and to mark the leg taper and the removal of the remaining waste to the final smoothed shape.






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